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EVOKE, a service-disabled veteran and woman-owned business (SDVOSB/WOSB), is an international Strategic Communications and Marketing company, that provides consultancy on all forms of commercial, political and social messaging and marketing, and specialises in managing mass media communication campaigns in both global commercial markets and austere, unstable environments. 


About us

Our consultants have honed their expertise and experience in more than 30 countries around the world, in the fields of Journalism, Public Relations, Advocacy, Political Consultancy, Branding, Digital Marketing, and Film and Radio production. In the past decade, they have participated in a wide variety of programs, for the US Department of State, the Department of Defense, the UN, various NGOs, and private companies and corporations. Our teams have worked  in Iraq, Afghanistan and Africa, providing consultancy for education, awareness, advocacy and election campaigns.  In the Middle East, Central Asia and Africa, we have developed mass media campaigns, addressing issues of governance, security and social cohesion. In America, Europe, Africa, Central Asia and elsewhere, we’ve worked to rebrand and promote commercial organizations and companies in order to maximize and expand their global marketing potential, and avoid adverse publicity.

Our Tools

EVOKE uses a comprehensive range of media to effect change across commercial, political, cultural, social and psychological boundaries. It is sensitive and low key, and adept at matching medium and content, to the environment and culture.

We take a strategic approach to the selection of target audiences, and the production, dissemination and measurement of effect of clients’ products. This allows us to message subtly and selectively, building a structured campaign that engages audiences over time, on multiple levels, promoting a cumulative and sustainable effect.

We devise traditional advertising campaigns to great effect, but also specialize in news features, documentary and other TV and Radio genres. We use print media intelligently and persuasively, and use all forms of digital/social media, including sophisticated web portals for developing regions. Where the environment demands a less technological approach, we communicate through traditional means and media; from community engagement, to events, radio, cassettes, even theatre and storytelling.

We provide communication consultants and all the necessary strategic, political and cultural advisers, to build strategy, and execute campaigns. We have full production capability, including local and international crewing and post production facilities, within or outside the target country, and excellent media buying services, to maximize ‘Opportunity to View’. We employ many forms and methodologies of research, from formal and overt market research, to informal atmospherics; determining and tracking Target Audiences, measuring effect and testing product.

We currently have comprehensive media networks in all countries in the Middle East, Africa, North America, Europe and Central Asia



Recent Event Gallery

Featuring Evoke’s amazing clients

TLN Influencer Event – Steffie Neve

TLN Influencer Event – Steffie Neve

TLN Influencer Event

TLN Influencer Event

EVOKE is the culmination of 20-years experience in global strategic communications and internal and external marketing – creating the ‘next generation of strategic communications’ – changing how people interact with their clients, customers and employees, and how they look at marketing, advertising and social media though the incorporation of a holistic and meaningful strategic communications messaging approach – both internally and externally. EVOKE has helped rebrand and expand market shares for multiple defense, logistics, renewable energy, oil & gas, financial, legal and governmental organizations, through its innovatively applied, multi-pronged and integrated approach.

Changing Mindsets… and the Industry.


Our Senior Team

  • Leah Tedrow Owner/Managing Director

    Leah is a seasoned Strategic Communications, Internal and External Marketing expert specializing in mass media and public relations campaigns in conflict, post conflict and developing countries, with over 20-years combined experience in the global media, marketing and business development field. She has implemented contracts in the Middle East, Africa, Central Asia and Europe…


  • Steven Didier International Business Development Director

    Steven Didier has more than 26 years experience as a government professional in law enforcement operations and federal policy development; internationally recognized industry leader in national defense and law enforcement training, curriculum development and program management, in addition to his roles as a global business development and senior executive manager in Defense related industries…

  • Phil Shaw Digital Director

    Phil is an experienced website developer, Gamification expert, graphic designer and EVOKE’s Digital Media ‘Guru’ & Design Director. With a degree in Games Art from Norwich University College of Arts, Phil has designed and developed websites for clients across the globe from inception to deployment, encompassing the visual identity of the business as well as any collateral necessary to support the brand…

  • Dr Dana Eyre Senior Global Strategist & Social Scientist

    Dr. Eyre is a sociologist specializing in the analysis, planning, and evaluation of social change and strategic communications activities for peace building and conflict transformation.  He is currently a Senior Global Strategy Advisor for EVOKE and Senior Social Scientist for System of Systems Analytics (SoSA Corp); there he leads the Model Enhanced Analysis, Design, and Execution program for the Advanced Analytics program of Combating Terrorism Technology Support Office…

  • Barak Seener Senior Strategist & Campaign Director

    Barak M. Seener was a Middle East Research Fellow at the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) between 2010 and 2015, and debriefed numerous international defence and foreign ministries along with businesses on strategic and political risk. Barak has lectured at NATO’s Parliamentary Assembly and led numerous strategic workshops at NATO. He has since joined the EVOKE team as a Senior Strategist and Campaign Director…

  • Georgie Bradley Communication Director

    Georgie is a British/Greek journalist by training and a GCC expat lifer, having grown up in Bahrain and now living in Dubai. Over the years her assignments have seen her in the wilds of South Africa with Save The Children to hiking in Kazakhstan for a piece on solo female travelers to spending a week with an embalmer for The Guardian careers.

  • Hiran Motwane Business Development Manager

    Hiran is a highly accomplished and seasoned Business Development personnel with over 18 years’ experience in the Government and Private sectors and their respective, diverse markets and cultures (MENA, Europe, Asia and the Americas). My experience in the GCC expands from Oil and Gas, Security, Ministry of Defense, Military, Ministry of Interiors, Police Department and Government Sector.

Our Subject Matter Experts

  • Jeff Coonjohn Senior Anti-Corruption & Rule of Law Authority

    Jeff is one of the preeminent Rule of Law, Anti-Corruption and Law Enforcement Experts in the world, having worked in conflict, post-conflict and developing nations across the globe. He currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer for UNISHKA Research Service and International Anti-Corruption Associates, and Senior Anti-Corruption and Rule of Law Advisor for EVOKE…


  • Laura Butcher Senior Legal Human Rights & Immigration Specialist

    Laura is an authority on all aspects of Human Rights and Immigration law, able to draw on the 12 years experience she has gained managing immigration, human rights and compliance teams across multiple blue chip law firms. She has represented some of the worlds largest companies across all sectors, including finance, technology, marketing, engineering, retail, telecoms, consultancy, oil and gas…..

  • Jessica Towhey Senior Communications and Crisis Management Specialist

    Jessica R. Towhey is an accomplished communications strategist with more than a decade of experience developing and implementing short – and long-term communications strategies. Jessica opened her own firm, 2e Communications, focusing on communications trainings and freelance writing and also serves as a Senior Communications and Crisis Management Specialist to EVOKE…

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