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We offer the most comprehensive & cost effective commercial marketing services to our clients, from marketing plans and strategies to getting your products or company to market – all backed by our media production and research teams. At its most basic level, marketing involves three activities: researching your potential customers, letting them know about the product or service you offer, and persuading them to buy or use it. Effective marketing demands that you let people know about your product or service repeatedly. Advertising is one strand, but there are many other ways to do this, and we have a full bag of tricks that have been tried and tested – used in conjunction with other forms of publicity, not to mention a full compliment of new, innovative and cutting edge ideas that will set you apart from the competition – letting your voice be heard, your message understood and your products seen.


Marketing is a process, not just a single event; doing it in an ad hoc and haphazard way will be ineffective and even detrimental to the organization’s business and its image. Marketing involves planning, establishing aims and objectives, and implementing, often a series of marketing strategies. Good marketing will make an organizations name, reputation, products and unique attributes visible, attractive and memorable to publics that possess the ability to either purchase those products and services, or to persuade others to do so. Equal parts art and science – we’ve got the formula down and how to effectively apply it. 

Strategy Development

EVOKE is in the unique position to help company’s operating both inside and outside ‘normal’ commercial retail markets, based on our experience in both western and international markets. Our ability to understand our client’s operational needs and their unique target audiences, both internally and publicly, helps us to develop the most effective marketing strategies tailored specifically to their goals and budgets. We help clients define existing lines of operation, identify new ones, where necessary, and build full marketing strategies to include the implementation of multi-functional phases across each, to ensure independent maturation in conjunction with the overall goals of the company. We ensure our marketing strategies are not only compatible with a company’s sales strategy but fully integrated – the two existing in a vacuum often result in ineffective marketing campaigns and lackluster sales. We understand that marketing can be one of the single largest expenditures for companies and are very cognizant of choosing the most cost-effective strategies for our clients. Working in developing countries has given us the experience of operating in new and innovative ways in getting messages out to our audiences and we bring those lessons and techniques to each client project, ensuring maximum exposure for minimum cost.

Branding & Awareness

Branding and awareness are the single most important aspects of any marketing campaign and we ensure that all our branding development has the flexibility to grow with the company and adjust rapidly according to market and audience trends, while maintaining its consistency. It is essential that a brand and its awareness are developed with the insight and insulation of not only overcoming any unwanted perceptions but able to withstand inevitable competitor counter campaigns. It is equally important that brands are built to endure the difficult climb to ‘awareness’ and help target audiences understand its purpose, nature and function – complex, cumbersome and inconsistent branding can lead to consumer confusion and ultimately failure on the market. We test all our branding through measured analytics and research through all phases of the campaign, to make certain all aspects are on target from appearance to pricing, and that our clients’ brands are consistent, concise and effective from packaging to press releases and beyond.


We can develop, create and distribute all forms of traditional, non-traditional and digital/social media products to any region, country or market. We have an in-house media production team who create all forms of marketing collateral from a full corporate website, social media platforms, print, television, radio and viral products. We also specialize in media management and engagement – bringing the world’s press to our clients doorstep for maximum ‘third party’ advertising, endorsement and ‘buzz’ with political and social issue applicability. We utilize a broad range of advertising to disseminate products and messaging to the widest range of target audiences through the most effective means – traditional, viral or the world’s press.

Media Management

The media needs managing, whether it is sought out as part of profile strategy or in reaction to positive or indeed negative coverage. We can provide full media relation’s strategy and suitable training for spokespersons and staff including crisis communication – something that should be part of company strategy and trained for. For clients seeking publicity we create corporate videos, commercials, films and photographic ‘shorts’ for media use; these are an essential part of business and fundraising and, along with other media such as brochures, can be used in business pitches, product launches, press days and conferences in line with your strategic goals.

Events and Special Projects

Events are an equally important method of communicating with your target audience – we can organize conferences, walkabouts, press days, festivals, rallies, concerts, charity events, marches and everything in between –  each of which can have an enormous effect, especially if coupled with other forms of messaging – all the while maintaining and promoting the integrity of the brand and your reputation. We also take on a number of bespoke, specialized projects and campaigns for our clients upon request. Contact us to find out more…

A Targeted Approach…

We take a strategic approach to the selection of target audiences, media production, media dissemination and measurement of effect. This allows us to insert your messages subtly and selectively into each product, and then to integrate them into a complete media matrix. A staged deployment plan will engage an audience over time and on multiple levels, promoting a cumulative and sustainable effect over time. You will see and hear your message being used by target audiences and eventually your message will become viral.

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