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Albert Einstein – on Creativity…

“You can never solve a problem on the level on which it was created.”

Media Production

We can provide full production capability, including local and international crewing, post production facilities, within or outside the target country, and media buying to maximize viewing opportunity. We take into account the sophistication of the media environment and compliment traditional dissemination with new digital media forms (social media and online campaigns) and innovative solutions such as SMS, web portals, email, CDs, USBs and similar to reach remote and isolated populations.

Innovative Media Solutions

We currently have a complete rapid-reaction capability in the U.S., Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia, accompanied with strategic communications thinking that goes significantly beyond current models.

We innovate and continually evolve our products based on the ever-changing media environment, our daily research reporting, media analysis, strategic messaging, behavioral forecasting, cultural needs, target audience and market trends and political dynamics.

We push for active client involvement throughout the development process of our strategy and products whilst adhering to a strict program of quality control.

Traditional Media Products (TV, Video, Radio, Outdoor)

Developed in-house by our strategists, producers and campaign managers, all of the below programs will utilize professional local actors and presenters, and be recorded, produced, edited and mastered in local studios by our local national production staff and supervised by our staff in our local offices, when operating abroad and as appropriate.

  • ENG (Electronic News Gathering)
  • Television Commercials
  • Corporate Videos
  • Donor Videos
  • Project/Mission Documentaries

  • Radio Advertisements
  • Newspaper Advertisements
  • Mini, Medium, and Full Length Documentaries
  • VCD, DVDs and USBs
  • Outdoor Products (Billboards, Banners, Flyers, Posters, digital billboards, posters and leaflets)


  • Sponsored Events and Merchandising
  • Sponsorship of popular TV and radio programming
  • Television Entertainment Programs (Daily, weekly, monthly and bi-monthly)
  • Radio Programming (News, Editorial, Debate, Entertainment and Educational shows)


Radio is a versatile and effective medium with which to reach large segments of a population. It is cost effective and has a valuable and growing market, particularly in the developing world where illiteracy may be predominant.

Digital Media Products…

Our complete suite of social campaign management, content marketing and social customer care infrastructures can help your brand, organization or campaign identify and engage with the people who matter most across every social channel. We can help you with calendaring, flags, tags, social inbox, collaborative routing, CRM integration, content development, targeting, placement and social advertising – allowing you to connect more closely with customers, while also making your brand stronger, safer and more informed.

The use of podcasts and other electronic viral marketing techniques are still in their infancy outside of the western market. We are changing this and encourage the transmission of our client’s products via existing social networks, delivering strategic messages. Client’s are provided with a podcast high bandwidth RSS server that will manage media and high volume consumer downloads. It will also contain a web interface used to upload media content to the server and manage the content. Click below for more information on our Digital and Social marketing.

Edward Zwick  – on Storytelling…

“There is no reason why challenging themes and engaging stories have to be mutually exclusive – in fact, each can fuel the other. … If out of that comes a greater awareness and understanding of a time or a circumstance, then the hope is that change can happen.”

Go to Print… 

Anything that can be printed, we can create – from brochures, triflolds, banners, posters, stationary suites, business cards and stand-ups, to full hotel compliments (valet slips, guest directories, signage), to large scale event booths and promotion kits. If it involves ink – we’ve got it covered. Our in-house graphic artists, strategists and designers will work together to provide you with exactly what you need – inline with your marketing aims, image and goals – including your budget. We will even source printers near your event, wherever it may be, to cut down on shipping costs and hassle.

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