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“The media has become more forceful, has begun to recognize its traditional historic role and act on it, and truth is infectious.”

Media Training

We are able to construct bespoke training curricula, which address precise communication needs whether that be in the technicalities of video camera operation, company spokesman education, the use of editing software or the most advanced aspects of strategic communications.

We start by determining current capabilities and establishing the level of capability that is required post-training. The educational gap is then broken down into a number of steps; each step will itself be broken down into a series of smaller steps, which include group work, self-study, written assignments, and practical experience.

These components are all chosen to provide relevant training for each course and most importantly for each student In addition to our proven capability in delivering strategic communications, our staff have extensive experience teaching in journalistic schools at leading universities and also delivering corporate training programs across the world.

Some of our Training Courses:

  • Editorial Services
  • Business writing
  • Government Relations
  • Defense and Military Relations
  • Speech writing and coaching
  • Strategic Communications
  • Planning Media Relations
  • Issues Management
  • Crisis & Emergency Communications
  • News Analysis
  • Spokesperson & Media Interview Training 
  • Moderator Training
  • Advanced Camera Techniques
  • Advanced Editing Techniques
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