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Sydney J Harris – on Applying the Difference…

“The two words ‘information’ and ‘communication’ are often used interchangeably, but they signify quite different things. Information is giving out; communication is getting through.”

Strategic Communications

EVOKE is an international communications company that has created a worldwide footprint of technical and intellectual expertise. Led by experienced communicators and supported by academics, journalists, media specialists, research analysts and security experts, we advise government and non-governmental organizations, private companies, faith groups and individuals on all aspects of Strategic Communications, Public Relations, Advertising and Media Management.

We have a number of areas of specialisation:

‘Re-branding’ regions or commercial activity with a view to encouraging sales, tourism, investment, or international engagement.

Strategies in support of social or humanitarian programs such as counter narcotics, violence against women, or HIV awareness.

Media, PR and Spokesman training for NGOs, Corporations, Private Companies and Government Agencies.

Campaigns designed to promote the rule of law, appropriate governance and stabilization.

Campaigns designed to mitigate internal political strife, ethnic/religious tensions or globally inspired terrorism.

Strategies for promoting and encouraging the electoral process: voting, party political campaigns or individual profiles.

Media and Marketing campaigns for commercial companies such as USG Contractors, security companies, private corporations, energy, renewable energy, mines and hydrocarbons, telecommunications or other similar organizations, transnational or national, whose activities or products impact the open retail market or social, political and economic lives of ordinary citizens.

Strategic Communication Campaigns

We predominantly work in areas of conflict, post conflict and development, and specialize in advertising, public information and social change campaigns – using formal and informal media, backed by innovative research, to effect or deflect change across political, social and cultural boundaries. We believe that thoughtful communication, presented correctly, not only alters the way people perceive their world, but can also stimulate that world to change.

We have contributed to mass media public information and influence campaigns in support of security, governance, elections and counter-terrorism efforts, in the Middle East, Central Asia, Africa and elsewhere, and mass media global advertising campaigns for private companies and corporations.

The type of media we use depends on the location and audience(s) and ranges from high-end advertising, through to news and documentary (both radio and television), entertainment programs, print, Internet, SMS, IVR, telephony, and the traditional power of word of mouth. We utilize many forms and methodologies of research, from formal and overt market research, to informal citizen information networks. We use this research to determine and understand our target audiences, to sample countrywide ‘atmospherics’, drive strategy, test product and measure effect.

Peter Drucker  – on Communication…

“The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t said.”

Strategic Communication Consulting…

We devise effective communication strategies with our clients and then use media placement and a full range of other public relations tools to disseminate and deploy.   We evaluate our strategic effects using focus groups, campaign tracking surveys, market research and analysis of monitored media across entire countries and regions. We also collate a powerful ‘eyes on the ground’ snap shot of the environments we work in over various timescales – a valuable briefing tool for clients and their management. More importantly, we believe that full business integration is a key component of success and we conduct a full analysis of your business or organization to ensure it’s fundamentally aligned internally with your public image and vice versa and if they’re not, we help develop and implement the necessary changes to help you achieve your goals.


Organisation Analysis

We assess and analyse the organisation in order to develop a strategy that reflects its historical and present image whilst able to enhance, reinforce or change as required.

Business Branding

We develop distinct but complementary branding for separate parts of business or products, and ensure that there is an appropriate media presence if required.

Client Focus

We are able to rapidly react to shifting client focus and strategy - providing adaptable and effective solutions and strategies.

Market Development

We provide contingencies for radical on the ground movements and retail market developments, shifts and trends.

Crisis Communications

We establish a Crisis Communications Response complete with contingencies and implementation.

Changing Markets

We take into consideration the changing markets, political and social environment in which we are working and continuously apply them to all our strategies, plans and marketing.

Make CSR work for you…

We can help bridge the often intimidating and seemingly interminable gap between the public and private sector through effective CSR, Social Engineering, and PPP, resulting in an amplified positive impact and engagement for your organization, rather than a perceived ‘ineffective obligation’. 

Media Management

The media needs managing, whether it is sought out as part of profile strategy or in reaction to positive or indeed negative coverage. We can provide full media relation’s strategy and suitable training for spokespersons and staff including crisis communication – something that should be part of company strategy and trained for.

For clients seeking publicity we create corporate videos, commercials, films and photographic ‘shorts’ for media use; these are an essential part of business and fundraising and, along with other media such as brochures, can be used in business pitches, product launches, press days and conferences in line with your strategic goals. Events are an equally important method of communicating with your target audience – we are able to organize conferences, walkabouts, press days, festivals, rallies and marches each of which can have an enormous effect, especially if coupled with other forms of messaging.

Innovative Media Solutions…

We currently have a complete rapid-reaction capability in Europe, the U.S., Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia, accompanied with strategic communications thinking that goes significantly beyond current models.

Advise and respond to client requests or ‘pitch’ a communication solution of our own.

Provide political, cultural and communication specialists to outline strategic communication plans.

Research countrywide to establish target audiences and strategic focus in addition to CAST our campaign mapping and tracking tool..

Provide all pre- and post-production facilities and personnel, inside the host country or external, as appropriate, in all media – television, radio, print, digital/social media (such as SMS, internet, social networking). Products produced include news programming, advertisements, documentaries, cartoons, and feature films and non-media products such as community and key leadership engagement.

Organize catalyst events such as flash-mobs and merchandising. Organize attributable and non-attributable media buying and content placement.

Develop a  complete suite of social campaign management, content marketing and social customer care infrastructures that help your brand or campaign identify and engage with the people who matter most across every social channel.

Develop a secure localized, culturally relevant, interactive web portal with proprietary browser, mail, news, Facebook style social networking, clubs and etc., in locations with limited or rudimentary internet access and development. In addition to this, it has the potential to act as an Internet TV or radio station with ‘live’ shows and full content. The added value of this site is that it is built to allow extensive information gathering possibilities, from both usage habits, browser use, email, content up and downloads etc. The website can be replicated on flash disks to access countries without consistent access.

Access local staff at all levels, including country specialists, academics, journalists and producers.

We innovate and continually evolve our products based on the ever-changing media environment, our daily research reporting, media analysis, strategic messaging, behavioral forecasting, cultural needs, target audience and market trends and political dynamics. We push for active client involvement throughout the development process of our strategy and products whilst adhering to a strict program of quality control.

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