Phil ShawDigital Director

Phil is an experienced website developer, Gamification expert, graphic designer and EVOKE’s Digital Media ‘Guru’ & Design Director. With a degree in Games Art from Norwich University College of Arts, Phil has designed and developed websites for clients across the globe from inception to deployment, encompassing the visual identity of the business as well as any collateral necessary to support the brand, to include customized web coding, graphic design, developing new launch platforms and print material design. Phil joined the EVOKE team nearly three-years ago and has transformed the web development services and digital platforms now available to our clients, their businesses and campaigns.

He natively develops websites on the WordPress platform with extensive experience in creating robust solutions for client needs to include complete interpretation of client business image and maximizing exposure, SEO and accompanying social media solutions. He is a self-described 50/50 split between developer and designer that loves smashing a client’s expectations by being able to deliver a great online presence.

He was requested by Gordon Beckett, Head of Design for The Sunday Times, to work with his design team at News International to demonstrate Cinema 4D and how this software can be introduced more prominently in their work. Phil produced several lighting rigs that are now in use for print and digital renders featured in “Ingear” and other Sunday Times sections. Additionally, he has produced Illustrator graphics that went to print in the “Business” section.

He also worked with Norwich University College of Arts as a tutor in the Games Art and Design Department for students working on a commercial project for Archant group – responsible for developing the student project from an idea into a product – involving developing a platform for socially engaging with readers of Archant’s publications, The EDP and The Evening News, in an effort to attract new ‘younger’ readers. He guided students into focusing on the ‘gamification’ and integration of the Archant brand into a social platform that people could, and would use. Although students on Games Art & Design are exposed to concepts of ‘play’ and ‘immersion’ the social interaction platform is new and complex. Phil spearheaded the work and reiterated the importance of risk and reward, and how that’s applicable to social media platforms.

He has also developed traditional marketing practices into digital deliverables, focusing on understanding demographics and developing for ‘your’ audience with an aim of wiping out the word ‘Broadcasting’ from social media and replacing it with ‘Narrowcasting’ – a trend that now seems to be gaining traction across social media platforms.

Phil is also an expert on the digital/social theories of real-world engagement and how that translates to social platforms in order to understand how to target our own, and our client’s message, across the digital world.

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