Steven DidierInternational Business Development Director

Steven Didier has more than 26 years experience as a government professional in law enforcement operations and federal policy development; internationally recognized industry leader in national defense and law enforcement training, curriculum development and program management, in addition to his roles as a global business development and senior executive manager in Defense related industries.

Mr. Didier served as Director of International Operations of Straight Line Cargo Services and Straight Line General Trading based in the UAE, specializing in comprehensive, atypical and large scale solutions for commercial or governmental entities.  Mr. Didier led the company’s new developmental capabilities in transforming, organizing and implementing global contracts in conflict and developing regions – providing comprehensive solutions through multiple entity consolidation and network partnering.

Mr. Didier has over 10 years in proven exceptional leadership in large-scale international executive management, sales and training, with skills in strategic planning, management, supervision, and budgeting as well as demonstrating capabilities in high-level strategic visioning and implementation. This has been demonstrated through Mr. Didier’s tenures serving as Ultimate Training Munitions (UTM) International Chief of Operations from 2010 to 2016, co-owner of Phoenix RBT Solutions from 2008 and Director of International Operations for Straight Line Cargo and General Trading from 2015-2017. He is currently serving as International Business Development Director for Evoke International, Corporate Business Development Consultant for First Lines Shooting Ranges and Hard Shell Group of Companies, and General Manger, Middle East for Masterpiece International, helping to establish their new branch in the UAE and operational expansion into the MENA region.

Steven Didier also co-owned and co-founded Phoenix RBT Solutions LLC in 2008, a revolutionary and innovative reality-based training company specializing in dynamic and holistic courses, education and products, training facility design and function – addressing and redefining the needs of today’s Law Enforcement, Military and Security Agencies worldwide.

Phoenix RBT Solutions and it’s affiliates had multiple strategic partnerships with US and International Training, Service and Product companies who supplied Military, Law Enforcement and Private Agencies worldwide – creating a network of unparalleled comprehensive solutions and services for its clients.

Prior to establishing Phoenix RBT Solutions, Mr. Didier served as a senior law enforcement specialist at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC).  During his time with FLETC and after 9/11, Mr. Didier was selected to co-lead a special projects team dedicated to challenging the existing culture of training and provide imaginative solutions to evolve and transform training ideologies, training facilities, products and training methodologies unilaterally, for U.S. and Allied Agencies worldwide. Mr. Didier Project Managed and co-developed the widely heralded FLETC 220-acre Counterterrorism Operations Training Facility and was appointed as an original charter member in the development of the US Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Use-of-Force Policy – becoming one of the United States preeminent Subject Matter Experts (SME). Each year Mr. Didier helped train more than 50,000 law enforcement or military students enrolled at or trained through the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC).

Mr. Didier’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and U.S. Department of Treasury tenure also included: Active Shooter Response Team/ Special Response Team (SRT) member, Tactical Oversight Board member, Air Marshal and Flying Armed Programs, Senior Instructor and developer of the Use-of-Force programs and the Use-of-Force Training Complex, Joint U.S. Military Rules of Engagement Tactical training, Senior Instructor and developer of the High Intensity Training (HIT) program and courses, Senior Instructor and Co-developer of the Practical Applications Branch and related programs to include Field Training Officer (FTO) program, standardized Scenario-Based Training, standardized Scenario/Drill Evaluations and Advanced Instructor Training, Senior Instructor and Co-developer of the Natural Resource Police Training program and Reality-Based Training area, Senior Instructor and developer of the Patrol Skills Training program, Senior Instructor and developer of the Rural Surveillance Training program and Instructor Training Officer.

Mr. Didier’s prior Specialized Government Service assignments and experience include Military Joint Task Force Operations, Environmental Terrorism Operations, Contemporary Violent Groups, Physical Techniques Training coordinator, Combatives/Defensive Tactics instructor, Control Tactics instructor, Use-of-Force instructor, National Team Security Manager, Emergency Medical Technician, Emergency Medicine (EMP) Master Trainer, Uniform Patrol, Sheriff’s Deputy, Rural Special Operations, Investigations and Search and Rescue coordinator.  Mr. Didier is a graduate of the State of Idaho Peace Officer’s Standards of Training (POST) and the Federal Law Enforcement Training Academy (FLETC).

Mr Didier has extensive military and civilian law enforcement experience, training and management to include Team Tactics, Combatives, Firearms, Rural Special Operations, NLTA, Defensive Tactics, Ground Defense, Edged Weapons, Instructor Training, Patrol, Investigations, Medical/Rescue as well in Leadership and Project Management.

He has developed curriculum, established standards and trained Civilian, Security, Law Enforcement and Specialized Military teams along with basic recruits at Agencies, Instillations and Academies throughout the world.

Mr Didier has a degree in Criminal Justice, technical certificate in law enforcement and is a graduate of multiple academies and scores of other Police and Military programs and courses. He has extensive experience in and teaches Mixed Martial Arts, Boxing, Karate, Muay Thai, Judo, Jujitsu, and Basic Self-Defense.

Mr. Didier has written articles for several magazines and blogs, including Law Officer Magazine, The Harbinger, Police One and The Liberty Zone.

Mr Didier is recognized as one of the premier Use-of-Force, Tactical, Combatives and “Train-the-Trainer” Reality-Based Training Experts, Managers and Business Development consultants in the Law Enforcement, Military and Private Sectors worldwide.

Mr Didier also serves as a Principal for Strategic Intelligentia, a United Kingdom company specializing in Geo-Political risk consultancy in the Middle East.

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