Wasay B.

Wasay is a BBA Marketing Management graduate from Sheridan College, CA. He is a meticulous and skillful writer that thrives off complex challenges, finding creative solutions to administer maximum growth and profitability for B2B businesses. He follows a research-driven approach to derive conclusions for creating remarkable customer experiences for better feedback and engagement, using appropriate business policy, procedure, and a thorough understanding of mobile gamification and social media marketing.

His experience entails:

  • Tailoring unique and effective solutions to business problems for the Canadian Film Festival. Working in teams to uplift the brand’s image and enhance its consumer profile to incorporate new leads for B2C festival sales. The project included industry research, planning strategies for growth, constructing wireframes, and prototyping consumer journey maps.
  • Taking on voluntary assignment as an Administrative Assistant for a mortgage finance firm. Involving research, handling customer documents (filing, printing, consolidating, etc.), organizing meetings, cold calling, and drafting client communications.
  • Working on Barclays’ Digital Driving License project. With responsibilities including the gathering of digital resources for an online gamification site, proofreading Q&A scripts, and ensuring compliance with Barclays’ corporate marketing guidelines. The objective was to educate Barclays’ customers with their rich offerings of business products & services.

He is also a big supporter of charitable causes and has participated in events associated with WWF, Emirates Wildlife Society, Emirates Environmental Group, and Dubai Cares.

“I am a culmination of unfiltered authenticity, relentless transparency, as well as thought-provoking and often unorthodox innovation. I enjoy teamwork and derive joy from collaboration, while motivating others around me to in turn bring out my best features. I incorporate lessons from others to bolster my own life successes, and I give my all to endeavors that I am passionate about. Ethical marketing is the crux of my passion and my career, with sustainability at its forefront and crafting community-driven experiences at the helm. Gaining the necessary technical experience to thrive in a technological World is my current goal.”

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