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Research, Media Monitoring & CAST

Research is the driver for all parts of our campaigns, strategy and forward planning, which is why we have developed strong relationships with research partners in every country that we operate.


When operating in developing countries, we find using local national accredited research resources to be invaluable in their cultural, ‘on the street knowledge’ and demographic access. We maintain high quality control checks on all our research and as a regular practice, have our results verified through other independent research organizations. Accurate data collection is essential; as our research routinely determines strategic direction, product development, target audience analysis, media buying and campaign evaluation and insight for our clients, who often keenly feel its impact. All of our methods, when conducting focus groups, polling and other research exceed the standards laid down by the American Association of Public Opinion Research.

Research Services Offered

All of our marketing efforts and campaigns are backed by qualitative and quantitive data – ensuring that everything we do has real and effective market impact. Our comprehensive suite of research tools includes:

Focus Groups and Polling Services

Public Perception Polling (Measures of Effect)

Product Recognition Polling (Measures of Performance)

Media Consumption Surveys

Social Media Analytics

Media Monitoring & Management

Our Media Monitoring Team’s (MMTs) provide in-depth analysis and assessment of global, regional and local media in every country that we operate in. The team monitors local media on a continuous basis to produce daily analysis reports that are a vital tool to enable our clients to make flexible, effective and applicable strategic decisions based on current events and evolving trends. Our MMTs comprise of Media Monitoring Analysts with extensive experience and knowledge of the politics, history and culture of each region. Our MMTs utilize software and database equipment, which allows them to monitor and store up to 24 satellite and terrestrial television and radio stations for more than a month – providing greater in-depth analysis.

The MMTs also provide assessment of media trends and styles; advise on product placement and development for all our television and radio products and confirmation and verification that our products are airing at the correct times and stations. 

Neil Armstrong on the Power of the Undiscovered…

“Research is creating new Knowledge.”


Developed by SoSA Corp and exclusively licensed to EVOKE, the Conflict Analysis Software Tool (CAST), is designed to support analysts, program planners and campaign strategist to understand and effectively act in complicated, complex and rapidly-changing conflict and market environments, through the use of advanced computational technology (software and hardware). CAST builds upon fully functional leading edge software and provides vital information needed to effectively message and understand specific target audiences – giving us a critical 3D data analysis of the environment, our target audiences, and an additional source of atmospherics, Measures of Effect (MoEs) and Measures of Performance (MoPs) in addition to a comprehensive Monitoring and Evaluation system from the campaign design stages all the way through the life of the campaign.

Research and data collection is more than numbers and statistics, it is about understanding the stories being told in great detail, mapping the social terrain and capturing this simple understanding in simple useable forms. The Conflict Analysis Software Tool (CAST) allows us to do this in real-time, with infinite historical and current tracking – building a complete model of relevant, accurate, useful and useable data.

CAST is used as part of Evoke’s research ‘tool bag’, and is a live “map” of stakeholders, the communities involved, as well as the full range of relevant actors, locations, and events relevant to understanding the situation.

It represents a substantial advancement from existing methods of capturing conflict analysis (e.g., text documents and presentations) because it combines both a database and a flexible visualization tool. Changes to information concerning any “actor or factor” captured in the system are automatically propagated throughout the system. The CAST will help build a full campaign model, identifying its participants, players and full picture of the entire project, its efforts and progress in real-time, with full historical references and data.

The CAST system offers an integrated capacity for depicting and analyzing social systems, planning social change, tracking change objectives and measures of performance/effectiveness, and integrating social media monitoring data sources with other monitoring and evaluation data sources into a common picture of the dynamic process of change in the social system under focus.

This is particularly significant when coupled with technical data – giving ‘meaning’ and contextualization to that technical information so it can be understood and meaningfully utilized by stakeholders – giving them real-time data and ‘predictive forecasting’ capability. Technical data without context is prone to ‘open interpretation’ and can create misinformation leading to missteps with far wider potential consequence.

Real-Time Reporting
Social Media Monitoring
Measures of Performance (MOPs)
Measures of Effect (MOEs)

The CAST System is made up of the three key subsystems:

A visualization and data management tool, the “Conflict Analysis Picture” tool, mapping the human domain and political, economic, security, social, and information actors and processes.

Computational social science models that enable dynamic representation and analysis of the operational environment.

Supporting analytical and data handling tools. This third subsystem includes a “model predictive control” engine, knowledge discovery an management tools, data handling capacities, and a work-flow manager, that supports staff planning and guides analysts and planners through the model-enhanced process.

Deployed together

Together, these three core subsystems enable us to represent the human domain, provide flexible visualizations of it, anticipate its evolution (using the computational models) and improve the fit between the models and the real world over time (using the model predictive control mathematics). These, in turn, give us a fundamentally improved capacity to plan full spectrum operations in complex dynamic environments.

The CAST is deployed in the initial stages of our projects and/or campaigns, to build a comprehensive picture of the conflict dynamics of the region and the wider environment.

CAST in action

Full statistical analysis, in ‘realtime’, can be generated with functionality for specific data and analysis for stakeholders, users, operators or any other user or audience as needed. Dedicated servers are used for each client to ensure speed, security and privacy. The system can also accommodate as many users as needed, to allow for simultaneous input and updating, with adjustable access and privileges for each user.

CAST can provide fully customizable reporting, case boards and complete repository of all documentation, news articles, research, analytics, press reporting and any other feeding systems desired, in addition to the manual inputs of researchers and analysts.

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