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What is a Necessity?

In our new series: ‘What is a necessity?’ We look at how the pandemic has forced businesses to reshaped priorities and source the most effective ways to take stock and grow. We begin with harnessing effective communication in a digital-driven

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What is Strategic Communications?

When people ask me what I do, and I respond with, “I own a strategic communications company,” I’m generally met with a blank stare. That’s often followed generally by, “Strategic communications? You mean like PR, Marketing and Advertising?” To which I have to say, “Yes, it’s part of what we do but much more complex than that.” At this point, I generally tell
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Crisis Management

Crisis Management: What it Means

We’ve been hearing and doing quite a bit of crisis management over the course of 2020. Very few companies were prepared to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic in both agile and adaptable ways, even fewer were prepared to deal with a crisis of any kind. So what is crisis management and why are so few companies so ill prepared for one? By definition
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Corporate Security Dubai

Corporate Security in a Post Covid World

As conversations on Covid continue to take shape, our Strategy and Analysis Manager, Barak Seener, participated in a dialogue on how corporate security in a post covid world will look like. Cybersecurity technology and service providers are shifting priorities to support current needs: business continuity, remote work, and planning for transition to the next normal. What is to follow? Barak was joined by
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How to Avoid Ad-Fraud

Ad Fraud

What’s going on with Ad Fraud and how are you affected? I’m just going to start with the shocking fact that ad fraud is the 3rd most profitable organized crime in the world, with advertisers being robbed of over USD$42 billion a year by online scammers.  Let that sink in.  Unbeknownst to you and many companies, you’ve been victims of ad fraud. Some
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Our Musings

Evoke International - PR Agency, Marketing, Strategic Comms, Digital Transformation Dubai

The Key To Content

We all hear and read the word all the time. But really, what is ‘content’ and how do you make it valuable? Our Digital Media Communications Creative, Laura Shaw talks demographics, analytics and personalization… What is content? If you’re a company, content can be determined by items that you put out into the world. That can be words, images or video.  For digital
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In Demand Skills

COVID-19 has impacted everything from the way we work to the skills we look for in potential employees. From spending our time going from one online meeting to another, moving our work events online and managing our workflow, one thing has become abundantly clear: things will not go back to the past routines even when the COVID-19 crisis is behind us. For example,
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Evoke International - Sonovia Masks Distributor

The Life-Changing Magic of Sonovia

Because these masks are the sartorial equivalent of an essential worker… You may have noticed we have partially borrowed the epic tile of the book: The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving A F*** by Sarah Knight for our own headline. The 2015 book helps you shed unwanted guilt and obligations to redirect time, energy, and enthusiasm to your true priorities. Essentially it’s a
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Three Ways Brands Can Prepare For A Post Pandemic World

Here’s how you can navigate in the midst of COVID-19 and plan for the road ahead  Coronavirus has impacted the world at an unprecedented level — and unfortunately, even though 2020 is over, the worst has yet to come. Companies need to act today in order to bounce back successfully in a post-corona marketplace. But, with news, data, and rules about COVID-19 changing daily,
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The Fruits of Partnerships

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