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Web Design

When you meet with new clients or give presentations, everyone makes sure they have their best foot forward, as first impressions are often long lasting – yet so many companies make the mistake of just ‘getting something up there’ for their websites, without taking the time to consider the content or the damage it could be creating for your company by making the wrong impression. 

In today’s era of instant information – your website is often your first impression, and clients, deals and contracts can be lost with the click of a button – if you’re not portraying the best version of your company or yourself. We know exactly how to tailor a website to suit your needs, image and business goals – without breaking the bank.

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What we do and how we do it!

At Evoke we develop creative, robust and powerful websites. All of of web design projects do not simply stop at your beautiful desktop site, our builds both look and function great on smart devices too! Ofcom’s 2015 Market Report, published on 6 August, finds that a third (33%) of internet users see their smartphone as the most important device for going online, compared to 30% who are still sticking with their laptop.   – Ofcom

Under the hood

We build all of our website on the popular Open-Source CMS WordPress. This allows us to give our clients an intuitive way to manage their online presence. We also develop with SEO in mind, giving you a kick start with major search engines. Our E-commerce solutions will integrate with all major payment gateways including, Paypal, Authorize.net, Worldpay or any other gateway of your choice.

Robust Analytics

From the comfort of your website control panel you can actively monitor and assess a range of analytics that will help you to understand your users and drive ROE. Integration of Google Analytics on top of your internal statistics gives you a wealth of information at your fingertips. All of our builds come with this functionality as standard.

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The Technologies

Great design is only one part of a great online presence. The technology matters too. We constantly strive to give our clients the best architecture to power their web site. These include:

Learn more about the World Wide Web Consortium here.

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