Hiran MotwaneBusiness Development Manager

Hiran is a highly accomplished and seasoned Business Development personnel with over 18 years’ experience in the Government and Private sectors and their respective, diverse markets and cultures (MENA, Europe, Asia and the Americas). Her experience in the GCC expands from Oil and Gas, Security, Ministry of Defense, Military, Ministry of Interiors, Police Department and Government Sector, expanding from UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain and Jordan. She has international exposure which has enabled her to develop strategic planning abilities with a talent for thinking ‘outside the box’ and handling complex operational challenges. Unique Blend of Advertisement, United Nations, Private, and Public Sector experience, all in all realm of design and implementation of projects, with a focus on delivery.

Having worked for both the advertisement Industry and the Humanitarian world, she holds a unique competency within the management of “non-engineering” projects, with a proven track record in logistics, finance, oil & gas, ICT and capacity building. She is a dedicated professional with a strong approach and a commitment to reliability and excellency. She has been very successful when implementing from “user” side, hence allowing for a balance to be stricken within the “client” side, and project objectives. She is always searching for a new challenge where she can passionately apply her skills and competencies to increase her portfolio of success stories.

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