Storytelling: In the Marketing Space

The New Steps To Storytelling 

In today’s marketing world, there is a stronger storytelling approach to a brand or product than ever. But how has it evolved? Our Digital Communications Creative, Laura Shaw, tells us the story…

What is the storytelling method? 

Firstly, this isn’t a novel method, it is the fundamentals of marketing a brand or product to create a conversation. But now, companies are having to instill even more trust in their consumers because there are just so many brands out there. The storytelling is far more intricate, detailed and intimate to separate from the rest. Today’s consumer wants to know the grassroots of how you got to where you are; people want more knowledge – from the inspiration behind the product to what you ate in the morning. This cultivates an environment of exclusivity and inclusivity at the same time for consumers to be able to identify themselves in your world, so they are seen and heard. 

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Where do you see this trending method going?

I’ll give you an analogy: someone once asked me, ‘what does a shoplifter look like?’ and I instantly said, ‘anyone and everyone’ and that’s exactly the same principle when it comes to this evolved storytelling method. Every single company on Social Media is doing it. Going back in time, take Selfridges – the high-end department store – for example.

They were one of the first department stores to bring makeup from the back rooms and display them up front because in the past it was considered taboo to apply lipstick on in public! Another example is a Royal Family – any Royal Family. What do they do now that they didn’t before? Tell their story. Look at Netflix, they are telling the stories of the Royals for posterity and entertainment to lift the lid. Then you get the public who are either behind the brand or loathe the brand. It’s the same as marmite – you either love it or hate it. 

Why go down this more considered route? 

Analytics will tell you this is now trending, so you could simply jump on the bandwagon and hope for some traction – but that is not good enough. Do it for the trust, not the likes and follows – because that will be obvious to the consumer. It fosters long-term emotional attachment to the brand. If you’ve got a product or a service, why would you not want to have a relationship with those on the receiving end – as an extension of the product or service’s meaningfulness? Of course, you need to assess what people want to know and really listen to them to create the world they want to be apart of. 

 If your story has a beginning, middle and an end but you don’t know quite how to create a through-line, contact us!

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