Women and the Media

One in three females will be a victim of domestic and sexual violence in their lifetime according to the World Health Organization. Shocked? We’re not…

It begs the question – how did we get here?

Women and the Media - Evoke International Dubai

As an ongoing consultant to Shamsaha – the Middle East’s first and only crisis response center for female victims of domestic and sexual violence, based in Bahrain – our Communications Director, who is a trained crisis counsellor, gave a presentation on Women and The Media and how the poor representation of females in everyday media from magazines to adverts to films has led to the proliferation and normalization of violence against women.

The presentation covers crucial points such as how women are simply a sum of parts and are not ‘globally’ processed in the same way men are. That and so much more food for thought!

Check out the whole presentation here:

Dubai Womens Business

Women and the Media - Evoke International - Marketing & PR Agency Dubai

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