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Sonovia Masks Distributor

Active Barrier Protection, Sustainable & Cost-effective The last mask you’ll ever need

kills 99.35% of COVID-19 particles

Masks are here to stay. Even with vaccines being rolled out, it will take years to vaccinate a global population of 7.7 Billion, not to mention that disposable PPE is becoming a huge source of medical waste, its effectiveness waning during its single usage and its accumulative cost.

Sonovia’s textiles have been lab verified to neutralize 99.35% of COVID-19 particles upon contact. The SonoMask is not only reusable for 12-months (55+ washes), comfortable and provides active protection to the user – it ensures that both the person wearing the mask and those around them are protected. Sonovia’s patented technology utilizes ultrasonic energy to infuse textiles via a sustainable process, giving them wash-durable, anti-viral, anti-microbial, anti-fungal & anti-odor properties.

Sonovia masks are more cost-effective and sustainable than single use disposable masks at $0.07 per usage compared to N-95 masks at $2.35 per usage and surgical masks at $1.25 per usage. The green manufacturing and sustainable bonding processes are environmentally friendly and cuts the medical waste significantly - meaning less overflow on landfills and damage to our oceans and environment.

Evoke International - Sonovia Masks Distributor

The active protection solution for the sustainable future

Evoke International - Sonovia Masks Distributor


available options

As part of giving back to the community, Sonovia also distributes mask kits that can be assembled locally for third world nations at a significantly reduced cost, creating jobs for local assembly workers and accessibility to protective masks that keep users safe. 

The mask is completely adjustable, comes in three size variations for both men, women and children, extra ear adjustors and a washing tracking sheet. Masks can also be color customized and printed with corporate or organizational logos.


Large, Medium, Small (children)

All SonoMask's: Reusable, Adjustable with Nose Wire

Colors & Style

The Sonomask is available in a range of colors and styles.

Black // White // Blue // Pink // Custom Logo Print available.

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Colors, styles & options

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Interested in in Sonovia Masks? You can contact us, the authorised distributor, using the form below.

Evoke International - Sonovia Masks Distributor

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