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Crossing the Divide: Israel-UAE

Since the UAE and Israeli peace deal was passed almost six months ago, the appetite for real-time, on-the-ground change, has been palpable on both sides. Ahead of what is sure
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How to look after your mental health during a lockdown

This feels like familiar territory, at this point. We’ve all weathered a range of lockdown scenarios – some more stringent than others – but the idea of it reinstating again
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Empathy in the Workplace

“I don’t like that man. I must get to know him better” – Abraham Lincoln, US President. In the first 10 seconds of meeting someone, you pass judgement. Not you
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When Laura added a new feather to her cap

Evoke International is a pioneer of the 4th industrial revolution, namely our hero service of digital transformation and innovation for all fields. We champion all our clients and seek to
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Digital Transformation Dubai - Evoke International

Accelerate to Assimilate

I could have given you a month-by-month of what 2020 was going to look like back in December of last year. I had it all planned out and itemized in
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Happiness in the Workplace - Strat comms Dubai Evoke International

What’s Your Companies Return on Happiness?

Happy customers lead to happy shareholders – happiness is contagious, so why aren’t more businesses focussed on return on happiness (ROH)? ‘What’s the ROI on this initiative?’ is generally one
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Cancel Culture Dubai - Best Marketing Agency Evoke International

The Mob Mentality of Cancel Culture Cancels Progress

Have you made many bad decisions this week? What do they look like? Well, my messes include an online purchase in what turned out to be a mal-fitting pair of
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Evoke International Dubai

Embrace September’s Optimism

The fall has never hit so hard or fast before. A second ago it was summer. Two seconds ago it was March – when it all happened. Between then and
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Framing and Reframing – Branding a Band

Creativity shouldn’t be stifled. In as much as we are educated on literacy, humanities and science, creative branding design is equally deserving of academic attention, too. The scope of creativity
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The assessment gives us the foundation to improve you or your organizations access to existing and emerging markets, make a name for itself, change perceptions and win new business. It will also establish the core identity that will guide and protect the corporation for many years to come, improve its human resources, and create the systems, skills and processes that will let it continue or begin to function as a cohesive unit. This also gives your organization the ‘feel’ it desires, and the ability to act energetically and proactively. Planning and codifying internal communication procedures as soon as possible will also help ensure an organization’s employees are informed, happy, able to meet the challenges of the outside world and ultimately be more productive – creating genuine and organic external communications.