When Laura added a new feather to her cap

Evoke International is a pioneer of the 4th industrial revolution, namely our hero service of digital transformation and innovation for all fields. We champion all our clients and seek to steer them towards their utmost potential for excellence. In other words, we do the work and then cheer them along from the sidelines as they take the reins.

Today, we are celebrating and bowing down to our very own Digital Media Communications Executive, Laura Shaw, who not only brings her digital prowess to social media and beyond, she has fully realized her entrepreneurial capacity by starting her own Avon business –  the multi-level marketing company in beauty, household, and personal care categories. 

When Laura first joined us, we were well aware of her passion project and were behind her all the way. We never let anyone hide their light behind a bushel. We totally get that each and every one of us has their off-shoot pursuits and endeavors and it’s something we collectively encourage. 

Laura as featured in the Avon national marketing campaign

Although Avon and Evoke might not seem like they exist in the same bucket of themes, Laura has managed to bridge the two together and bring her best self forward to both. What she has learned from Avon, she has benefitted Evoke and what she has mastered at Evoke she has applied into Avon. With a global mindset that she has harnessed while working for Evoke with the many international clients we have, Laura has given her Avon business a truly multi-cultural and worldly stamp. You name it, she has built year-long strategies for digital and creative platforms based on considered analytics and data mining. 

All her dedication and hard work paid off when she was hand-picked to have her very own digital brochure cover in 2019. In 2020 Avon rebranded with a sleek new logo where the color gradient is built on the shapes of women’s faces – pretty cool if you ask us. This was coupled with a new advert with the apt hashtag: #WatchMeNow showing that anyone can be a representative for Avon alongside what they do in their full-time career. 

Laura is usually behind the scenes, beavering away on digital platforms and co-ordinating social communications like a boss. So, when she was picked out of over 100k people to star in the new advert #WatchMeNow and be one of the new representative faces of Avon, we practically rolled out the red carpet for her! 

The advert will be published at a later date this year – do tag us and Laura if you spot it! – and will be featured on all platforms from YouTube to Spotify to ITV, Channel 4OD, billboards and buses – the works. To say we are proud is an understatement. It goes to show that you can set your goals and achieve them if you have a strong support system and a nurturing environment. We are proud to help Laura thrive and strive towards what fills her up with joy. 

That’s not to say we won’t be itching to see those bloopers from when she was on set. Yes, we got wind of the fact that she had over 100+ voice over recording and 150+ film takes on set and at home. As we say, Rome wasn’t built in a day! Well done Laura and Avon! 

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