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Leah is a seasoned Strategic Communications, Internal and External Marketing expert specializing in mass media and public relations campaigns in conflict, post conflict and developing countries, with over 25-years experience in the global media, marketing and business development field.

She has implemented contracts in the Middle East, Africa, Central Asia and Europe totalling over $750 million and is particularly adept at market entry, proposal and contract training and development, and negotiations with governmental agencies, non-governmental agencies and private organizations.

Leah’s experience includes contributional development and operational implementation of the largest U.S. Strategic Communications campaign in the Middle East; a media campaign that eventually tripled in size and reach in three years. The scope of the project demanded a comprehensive media package, including research and analysis, print, outdoor products, radio commercials and programs, TV advertisements, documentaries and TV news programs.

She also established a proposal development and training branch of TechServe in the United Kingdom with a 82% strike rate and expanded business to include clients in the Middle East and Central Asia; having won over $21.6 Billion in contracts for customers through its proven and successful methodology.

In 2012, she brought a consortium of companies together to form OMNIA, an international turn-key life support, business solution and marketing company for clients operating in hostile environments. OMNIA’s core specialty was strategic communications and marketing for global companies with interests in conflict or developing nations – both open market retail and governmental contracts. In 2014, OMNIA was reconsolidated creating EVOKE, a dedicated international strategic communications and media marketing company. EVOKE is the culmination of 29-years experience in global strategic communications, internal and external marketing – creating the ‘next generation of strategic communications’ – changing how people interact with their clients, customers and employee’s, and how they look at marketing, advertising and social media through the incorporation of a holistic and meaningful strategic communications messaging approach – both internally and externally. Evoke has helped rebrand and expand market shares for multiple defense, logistics, renewable energy, oil & gas, financial, legal and governmental organizations, through its innovatively applied, multi-pronged and integrated approach.

Leah also has 11 years experience in the U.S. Army as a military broadcast journalist, producing multiple-award-winning programs and documentaries for a variety of target audiences and is a three-time Department of Defense Thomas Jefferson Award Recipient, Crystal Communicators Award winner, the U.S. Army Europe Broadcast Journalist of the Year (2003), and recipient of over a dozen U.S. Army Keith L. Ware Award’s in both radio and television.

Leah also has the distinction of being the first American female to win a civil court case in the Afghan courts in a unanimous decision in the Primary, Appellate and Supreme courts – a landmark case for foreign entrepreneurs operating in the country; helping to address anti-corruption measures, criminalization of civil cases and foreign commercial rights.

As a business executive and long-time media liaison to U.S. and NATO military commands, Leah has proven experience managing businesses, projects, campaigns and contracts that deliver the results that senior executives, board members and clients need under stringent guidelines, requirements and often austere environments.

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