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Behind the Scenes - Ridley Scott - Avon

Behind The Scenes of A Ridley Scott Production

Play Video Our very own Laura Shaw was selected to be featured in an Avon commercial, ‘Beauty Your Way’ last summer and she chronicles her experience of what it takes
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Create a new Habit

How to Create a New Habit

Habit sticking. Ah, it’s a difficult one. When intention and execution don’t align, habits don’t become automatic, but an uphill struggle. A big part of developing habits is setting things
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The 4-Day Week - Best PR Dubai - Evoke International

Can a 4-Day Week Really Work?

As part of our extensive work within internal and external communications, we study our relationship with work. Over time we have come to realize that it’s about working smarter, not
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Best PR Dubai - Evoke International

Building Diversity at Work

We recently shared the findings of a Diversity and Inclusion report on our social media which ranked GAP USA in the top position for adhering to the symbols of a
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Best Brands marketing Dubai

Three Ways Brands Can Prepare For A Post Pandemic World

Here’s how you can navigate in the midst of COVID-19 and plan for the road ahead  Coronavirus has impacted the world at an unprecedented level — and unfortunately, even though
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Best Marketing Agency Dubai - Media Training

The Transformative Power of Media Training

Last year, Laura, our Digital Media Communications Creative was chosen to be one of the new faces of Avon. Not a stranger to being picked by Avon, Laura represented them
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Social media marketing Dubai

A Few Seconds On Social Media

Our Digital Media Communications Creative spills the coffee on why she would love to create a campaign for Disney, why the 80:20 Social Media rule shouldn’t be a rule and
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Trusted Marketing and Strat Communications Dubai

What is Strategic Communications?

When people ask me what I do, and I respond with, “I own a strategic communications company,” I’m generally met with a blank stare. That’s often followed generally by, “Strategic
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Privacy Policy - Evoke International - PR Agency, Marketing, Strategic Comms, Digital Transformation Dubai

Issue #1

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The assessment gives us the foundation to improve you or your organizations access to existing and emerging markets, make a name for itself, change perceptions and win new business. It will also establish the core identity that will guide and protect the corporation for many years to come, improve its human resources, and create the systems, skills and processes that will let it continue or begin to function as a cohesive unit. This also gives your organization the ‘feel’ it desires, and the ability to act energetically and proactively. Planning and codifying internal communication procedures as soon as possible will also help ensure an organization’s employees are informed, happy, able to meet the challenges of the outside world and ultimately be more productive – creating genuine and organic external communications.