Anand V.

Anand is the Head of Brand Strategy for EVOKE and has a senior career across four continents specializing in regional & global brand launches. Combining innovation techniques for leading teams with a cultural branding focus, he has designed & led the following strategic launches for significant business impact:

  • He headed the SONY VAIO division’s team to launch IT products & services to global Fortune 50 clients. Within a year had contributed to a net increase of 12% of the European sales budget.
  • Appointed by the Board of Samsung to conceive & drive the launch of their brand in Scandinavia. Tasked with reaching the No. 1 position within 5 years, his strategy and team approach succeeded in 4 years with sales of $1B annually.
  • Upon successful conclusion of his Global MBA, INSEAD appointed him as their first Global Chief Communications Officer. He became a member of the team that took the school to the No.1 global ranking for the first time in the University’s history, and personally redesigned the student experience in key areas to take social media hits from 16k to over a million.

For 5 years he has been based in Dubai, advises the Ministry of Economy on brand & communication strategies for the national launch of Federal policies establishing ESG in the UAE business community. In addition, he spearheads the consultancy to PWC and business schools such as IE/FT to coach & implement innovation processes & culture change, and has done so for senior management at large national organizations such as ADNOC, Chalhoub, Richemont Group in UAE, and MISK, Tahakom, in Saudi Arabia.

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