Lee B.

A technology obsessed Lee Blanchflower has literally been on a journey of discovery for the past decade. Following a twelve-year career in law enforcement as a frontline Police Sergeant, Lee’s natural ability to capture the very best and worst of life through the lens, was originally honed operating as an evidence gather as a member of a Police Riot Team. In an age where digital imagery was about to supersede traditional film photography, Lee took the plunge and with it, an eighteen-month career break, bought what is now an archaic Nikon D70 Digital SLR camera and went on to win his first National Photography Award as ‘The Societies’ 2013 Travel Photography of the Year at a ceremony in London. His gritty of image of New York’s 5th Avenue would be the precursor to an obsessive need to capture life on the streets around the globe.

His visionary perception has earned him opportunities to photograph commercially for a host of international clients and to rub shoulders with celebrities from the world of music, television that has also extended to photographing members of the British Royal Family.

Discontent with only producing photographic imagery, Lee diversified his work and is an accomplished cinematographer, producer of creative films and drone operator.

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