Jeff C.

Jeff is one of the preeminent Rule of Law, Anti-Corruption and Law Enforcement Experts in the world, having worked in conflict, post-conflict and developing nations across the globe. He currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer for UNISHKA Research Service and International Anti-Corruption Associates, and Senior Anti-Corruption and Rule of Law Advisor for EVOKE.

His previous positions have included Senior Anti-Corruption Advisor U.S. Dept. of State (Middle East / Central Asia), Senior Policy Advisor -Anti-Corruption (UNDP – Africa & Afghanistan), Chief-of-Party – Senior Anti-Corruption Advisor (Iraqi Reform Program), Team Leader (Senior Anti-Corruption Advisor) USAID/Tatweer Program (Iraq), General Counsel Advisor, Ministry of Defense (Iraq), Chief Operations Attorney, Rule-of-Law, U.S. Embassy, Iraq, Judicial Chairman, NATO Claims Appeal Commission (Macedonia), United States Foreign Claims Commissioner (Macedonia, Albania, Bulgaria, Romania), Command Judge Advocate (Honduras, Panama, Belgium, Korea), Senior Corporate Counsel, Alaska Airlines, Inc., and Lecturer: National University of Ireland – Institute for Human Rights Seattle Community College.

Jeff has demonstrated experience in capacity development at the national level, specifically in the area of anti-corruption, democracy and governance, extensive experience in working in conflict and post-conflict environments primarily on corruption related issues and outstanding communications that foster trust and productive relationships with colleagues, staff and senior management.

Most recently he has been the Senior Anti-Corruption Advisor for the U.S. Department of State FACT Project where he is administering a world-wide anti-corruption networking program dedicated toward advancing anti-corruption principles in the Middle East and Central Asia.  Previously, as the Anti-Corruption Legal Expert for UNDP-Afghanistan he focused on three primary deliverables of providing an assessment of the corruption complaint mechanism at the Afghan Ministry of Interior; creation of a capacity development plan for the corruption complaint mechanism; and, drafting a final report that incorporates all of aspects of the deliverables.

Jeff’s work continues to have lasting effects through his positions as Senior Anti-Corruption Advisor for the USAID PGPR Project where his primary duties consisted of four primary objectives: Worldwide Strategic Outreach and Partnership Development; Curriculum Development and Anti-Corruption Training Course Implementation; Conducting Anti-Corruption Study Tours; and, Mentoring and Networking. HIs tenure as Chief of Party, Iraq Inspector General Anti-Corruption Reform Program and Team Leader, Senior Legal Advisor, Anti-Corruption Component,  USAID/Tatweer (Ministerial Inspectors General) Iraq leave no doubt as to his superiority within the Rule of Law and Anti-Corruption field.

Jeff holds a Doctorate of Law, University of Wisconsin, Bachelor of Arts, University of California-Los Angeles (UCLA) and International Anti-Corruption Academy, Vienna, Austria. Recent publications include, Iranian Anti-Corruption Series: The General Inspection Organization; Anti-Corruption in the Economic Cooperation Organization; A Primer on Models and Strategies of Anti-Corruption Agencies; Corruption in Post-Conflict Environments; Developing a Strategic Implementation Plan for Anti-Corruption; Operation Desert Storm, Stories from the Front, Military Press; A Brief History of the California Legislative Counsel Bureau, 25 Pac. L. J. 211.

He is also a member of the State Bar Association of Wisconsin, California and Washington and speaks English, Spanish, Arabic and Farsi.

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