Laura S.

Having worked in marketing, pr and events for over ten years Laura is our resident social media creative. 

Having a background in corporate marketing, coupled with the experience of managing busy events means that Laura is an expert on how the public digest our digital image.

Studying for a BA in Business, Management and Marketing, allows Laura to spearhead media campaigns rooted in both academic and professional learning. Laura is in control of the advertising on all social platforms, using her analytical and research expertise to maximize our organic reach and increase Return on Engagement (ROE).

Working extensively with the Avon brand has allowed Laura to really understand the nature of myriad of demographics which we use when developing solutions for our clients. The success of her campaigns has meant she herself has been featured on the cover of the Avon Cosmetics brochure. Laura has a regular training spot for Sales Leaders and Avon representatives where she offers tips and instruction on social media usage in the beauty and cosmetics industry championing woman empowerment and inclusion. 

Laura leads our social media creativity with not just advertising but the everyday graphic and video output of both our client’s and our own brand. Proficient in the Adobe Suite and a plethora of creative applications Laura is able to execute a plan from inception to conclusion.

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